Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Sisters Who Chose Life

When “Shannon” learned she was pregnant, she considered all of her options. As a high school student, Shannon was basically still a child herself. She had plans to graduate and maybe go to college. But having a baby at her age was definitely not a part of the future she’d mapped out for herself.

However, in Shannon’s mother’s mind, abortion was never an option for her daughter. Why? Six years earlier, she’d walked a similar path with Shannon’s older sister who was single and pregnant. Together, they’d visited our women’s care clinic in Pittsburgh, where the staff had lavished them with love and support. The clinic’s staff not only helped Shannon’s sister choose life, but also walked alongside her throughout the pregnancy, providing material support and spiritual guidance.

Thanks to our support, Shannon’s sister was able to go to veterinary school and was now preparing to graduate. And her six-year-old son was the joy of their family.

Now Shannon was facing a similar crisis. She considered getting an abortion, but her mother remembered how our clinic had supported her oldest daughter. She hoped we could also be there for Shannon, and we are.

With her boyfriend by her side, Shannon received a complimentary ultrasound and met her baby girl for the first time. The tiny translucent body with a strong heartbeat captured her mother and father’s hearts. Although she was still feeling scared about her future, Shannon knew from her sister’s experience that she could parent her child and fulfill her dreams.

Today, Shannon has a beautiful baby girl who is the center of her family’s life. Shannon’s mother and sister have rallied around her, and the family has never been closer.

Every so often, we get a glimpse of the generational impact that our support and prayers make in the lives of the women who visit one of our women’s care clinics. And in Shannon’s case, we had that privilege.
It’s worth remembering that every donation you make to Human Coalition and every prayer you say on behalf of our clients can be multiplied, rescuing children and families for many generations to come. . . . Read More

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