Thursday, September 1, 2016

Caution: Gary Johnson Is Pro-Abortion!

Former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson is seeking the presidency on the Libertarian Party ticket and some pro-life voters who are unenthused with Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are suggesting his name as a possibility.

However, Johnson has a long track record of supporting abortion.

When it comes to abortion, Johnson previously told Slate he believes that abortion should be legal “until the viability of the fetus.” . . .

Now, in a new interview with TownHall, Johnson confirmed his pro-abortion views. He appeared to not understand how the Supreme Court needed to protect Hobby Lobby, the pro-life business that did not want to be forced by Obamacare to pay for abortion-causing drugs for its employees in their health care plans. . . .

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1 comment :

Tom McGovern said...

But he's apparently drawing more votes off from Hillary than from Donald so maybe he's a plus.