Monday, September 5, 2016

Woman Told She’d Never Have Kids . . .

. . . Learns She is 8 Months Pregnant, Gives Birth Hours Later

Brooke Williams was told that she would never have biological children after she had a brain tumor as a child.

But on Sunday, the Provo, Utah woman and her husband, Calvin, unexpectedly welcomed their very own baby girl into the world . . .

Brooke did not know she was pregnant until just a few hours before she gave birth to her daughter in an emergency C-section. She and her husband went to their local hospital emergency room on Sunday after Brooke began experiencing seizures, according to the report.

After a series of tests, the medical team told Brooke that her blood work showed a level “common with someone who is pregnant,” Calvin said. The couple was shocked. Calvin admitted that they were the type of couple who were always skeptical of surprise pregnancies.

“She never had any sickness. She never felt her stomach move,” the husband said.

Doctors delivered the baby via C-section later on Sunday because of Brooke’s seizures. The baby girl was born about a month prematurely, but her father said she is doing well. . . . Read More

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