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Chaplain Gordon James Klingenschmitt, PhD, Praying In Jesus Name:: Today the Obama Administration issued new 'transgender' guidelines to commanders forcing female service members to share co-ed showers with cross-dressing men who pretend to be women, in all branches of the military.

Regarding co-ed showers, the guidelines to commanders state on p.29:"If concerns are raised by Service members about their privacy in showers, bathrooms, or other shared spaces, you may employ reasonable accommodations, such as installing shower curtains and placing towel and clothing hooks inside individual shower stalls, to respect the privacy interests of Service members. In cases where accommodations are not practicable, you may authorize alternative measures to respect personal privacy, such as adjustments to timing of the use of shower or changing facilities. This should be done with the intent of avoiding any stigmatizing impact to any Service member." [In other words, men can enter womens' bathrooms anytime, anywhere, and women must cope.]Regarding pronouns i.e. calling "he" a "she" and vice-versa, p.33 says:"You should be sensitive to the use of pronouns when addressing others. This will vary by individual and unit. If there is ever any question about pronoun usage, do not hesitate to ask the Service member how they wish to be addressed." [In other words, you should lie if they insist you join them in their lie. Out goes the honor code.]Regarding men doing fewer pushups if they pretend to be women, p.12 and 22 says:"Preferred Gender: The gender of a transgender Service member when gender transition is complete and the gender marker in DEERS is changed...You are required to meet the PRT standards based upon your gender marker in your Service’s personnel data system and in accordance with Service regulations." [In other words, if you pretend to be a woman, just change the database, and do fewer pushups.]Regarding chaplains counseling of transgenders, the guidelines state on p. 20:"It may be advisable to seek a mentor to assist you in your transition...If you cannot find your own potential mentor(s), consider seeking recommendations from your commander, a chaplain, or medical professional." [What if a chaplain recommends you don't lie, and stop your self-delusion toward transition? Will the chaplain be punished?]Obama has destroyed trust within the ranks. Violation of female privacy is unconscionable. Destroying the honor code "we will not lie" will cost lives on the battlefield, since Sailors can no longer trust their Shipmate's integrity in any matter. This is the worst social experiment in U.S. history, and abusive to our troops.

Military orders Women to share co-ed showers, tents with Men

As I've been predicting since 2009, Obama's slippery slope has cratered at rock bottom.

"Transgender people can serve openly in the U.S. military, effective immediately," [rejecting Service Leaders' request for more time to implement,] reports Military Times.

"In an historic and controversial move, the Pentagon on Thursday lifted its longstanding ban on transgender troops and began outlining how the military will begin allowing — and paying for — service members to transition, medically and officially, from one gender to another...

"Many transgender individuals choose not to seek gender reassignment surgery so there is no requirement that official gender and physical genitalia match for troops or recruits...."

"Now transgender troops will no longer be considered 'medically unfit' for military service. By October, transgender troops may begin an official process to change gender in the military personnel management systems.

"The Pentagon will pay for health care support related to gender transition in cases where a military medical doctor determines that is necessary, according to the new policy.

"Defense Secretary Ash Carter announced the new policy after a year of contentious debate inside the Pentagon as some senior military leaders questioned the impact on readiness...

"Carter firmly rejected those readiness concerns and said the change will ultimately improve the quality of the force.

"Many details remain unclear. Senior military leaders will have 90 days to draw up a detailed implementation plan that will address issues that include:
  • How the military health system will provide care to transgender troops, to include medical support for gender transitions.
  • When a transgender service member will begin adhering to a different gender’s grooming standards and uniform-wear rules.
  • How and when a transgender service member will transition to new physical fitness standards.
  • When a commander should consider moving transgender soldiers into alternative barracks or berthing quarters.
  • How unit-level commanders should address a range of issues related to deployments, job assignments and training that may arise among troops undergoing gender transition.
  • How troops can undergo the bureaucratic process for changing their gender marker in the official Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System, known as DEERS..."
Rank-and-file opinion not sought

"The Pentagon conducted no surveys to gauge the opinions of the rank-and-file force on this politically sensitive issue.

"The secretary determined was that this was medical treatment and a medical issue and you’re not going to defer to the force as to whether or not we’re going to provide treatment," said the defense official..."

In other words, readiness has been harmed, troops not consulted, tax-payers forced to pay, gender dysphoria not really treated just enabled, and lying encouraged in our military. Trust is the backbone of readiness, and if soldiers can lie about pretending to be what they're not, they cannot be trusted and lives will be lost in battle. Ash Carter defied his generals, who told him 'wait.' He didn't care. This was a political decision, forced by Obama himself, to reward LGBT activists, not our troops.

Friends, their version of tolerance now requires bankrupting Christian employers, or any public restaurant or retail store that refuses men full access to women's bathrooms. We must take action to stop ENDA from becoming law.
Chaplain Gordon James Klingenschmitt, PhD, leads the Praying In Jesus Name ministry.

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