Thursday, October 27, 2016

Donald Trump Slams Hillary Clinton for Bashing Catholic Voters: “She Should Apologize”

Donald Trump is slamming the campaign of pro-abortion candidate Hillary Clinton over recent emails from her top campaign staff trashing Catholic voters. Like millions of Catholic voters, Trump is concerned about the recently leaked emails from WikiLeaks that show top Clinton staffers calling Catholic voters “severely backwards.”

Trump said his pro-abortion rival should apologize.

Podesta appeared to write in emails that the campaign had created Catholic groups to organize on issues like contraception. Trump questioned how any Catholics or evangelicals could vote for her after the emails were leaked.

“It’s her. It’s her,” Trump said. “She should apologize. I think she has to do more than apologize. You know, that’s her thinking. That’s her staff.”

Trump also appealed to both Catholic and evangelical voters by saying he would get rid of the Johnson Amendment. . . . Read More

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