Saturday, October 1, 2016

Father Frank Pavone: “Unless We End the Killing of Children in Abortion Our Nation’s Problems Will Get Worse”

A leading pro-life Catholic priest says the top issue for American voters ought to be abortion and that unless abortion in America ends the nation’s problems will only get worse. Father Frank Pavone of Priests for Life is also concerned about the attempt by a fake Catholic group called Catholics for Choice that is trying to deceive voters. . . .

“Have you seen the ad? It’s a product of the deceptive, pro-abortion group called “Catholics” for Choice. I put the word “Catholics” in quotation marks because this group is anything but Catholic,” says Father Frank Pavone. “And the sole purpose of the pro-abortion group’s ad is to confuse and mislead Catholic voters, while at the same time give political “cover” to those Catholics who refuse to recognize that ending legalized abortion-on-demand is the fundamental issue facing voters this election. Period.”

“I say that because of the simple truth that, until and unless we end the killing of defenseless children in the womb, our nation’s problems – whether it be with the economy, or immigration, or violence in our cities, or with ISIS and radical Islamic terrorists – will continue and get worse,” Pavone added. . . . Read More

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