Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Hillary Clinton is Lying, Late-Term Abortions are Rampant in the United States

Hillary Clinton claimed during the presidential debate last week that late-term abortions don’t occur within the United States, and the liberal media was right there to back her up.

But Operation Rescue has video evidence of notorious abortionist George R. Tiller describing a method that murders pre-born babies at nine months.

Hillary and the liberal media are telling blatant lies to the American public!

This late-term abortion method kills babies as late as 35 weeks – well beyond the time a pregnancy is viable and an infant would survive outside the womb – and it is readily practiced in at least four abortion clinics within the U.S.

While we know nine month abortions are happening in New Mexico, Maryland, Colorado, and California, seven- and eight-month abortions are happening all throughout the country.

Even though partial birth abortions were banned by the Supreme Court years ago, it hasn’t stopped the abortion industry monsters from killing babies days before they would be born. . . .

The radical Left is trying to lead the American people to believe that abortion is a peaceful, harmless, and accepted practice… but Operation Rescue has uncovered a mountain of evidence that shows just the opposite. . . .

No one wants to believe that a child who is about to leave their mother’s womb would be injected with chemicals and brutally murdered.

But it happens all of the time within our country, and Operation Rescue will not rest until we’ve banned late-term abortions and shut down every “house of horrors” in the United States.

The nine-month abortion procedure includes a series of injections, and after a few days it gives pre-born babies a fatal heart attack.

Right now, if a baby is murdered by this method at 35 weeks… the “doctor” and the mother can walk away like nothing has happened.

But if that same baby was born at 35 weeks, then a doctor murdered this child outside of the womb, he would go to jail.

It’s time to stop splitting hairs.

The liberals don’t value the lives of pre-born babies, and Hillary Clinton is committed to giving Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry more of your tax dollars to if she’s elected. . . . Read More

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