Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Warren Buffet Gave $1.8 Billion to Pro-Abortion Groups, $440 Million to Planned Parenthood

According to Buffett’s Oct. 10 statement, he made nearly $2.86 billion in “charitable contributions” during 2015, “of which more than $2.85 billion were not taken as deductions and never will be.”

Buffett publicized his tax information in response to Donald Trump’s claim that Buffett took a larger tax deduction than Trump. “Many of her [Hillary Clinton’s] friends took bigger deductions — Warren Buffett took a massive deduction,” Trump said in the Oct. 9 presidential debate.

While records of Buffett’s 2015 donations were not yet available, records from 2003-2014 revealed that Buffett gave at least $1,828,082,697 to abortion groups.

Buffett gave more than $440 million to Planned Parenthood alone, which will mark its 100th anniversary on Oct. 16. . . . Read Morwe

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