Monday, November 7, 2016

Close Elections - Voting - Pray for America

by Kerby Anderson, Contributing Author: You may have already voted, like tens of millions of Americans. But if you haven’t voted, I encourage you to vote because your vote might make the difference.

Barring some unforeseen circumstance, by the end of the day tomorrow, we will know the outcome of the 2016 election. This election represents, perhaps more than any other election in our nation’s history, a choice of moral direction for our nation.

One party wants to remove any restriction on abortion and force you and I to pay for those abortions with our tax dollars. One party wants to overturn Roe v. Wade, or at least to uphold the restrictions on abortion that we have fought hard since 1973 to implement.

One party wants to embrace immoral lifestyles and wants to force you and I to embrace them as well. One party wants to uphold the traditional definition of marriage and to protect us from being forced to facilitate what our faith condemns.

One party wants to do away with religious freedom, seeing it only as an “excuse” for bigotry and intolerance. One party wants to uphold the constitution, including our first liberty, recognizing that it is essential to all other liberties in our society.

In the past, many groups circulated articles and e-mails talking about the importance of one vote. In the last few elections, we haven’t needed these reminders because the some of the elections in the last few decades provide numerous illustrations.

For example, George W. Bush won the 2000 Presidential election by the slimmest of margins. His election essentially was decided by 537 votes in Florida. He won re-election in the 2004 Presidential election again by very slim margins. He won the 20 electoral votes from the state of Ohio with 50.8 percent of the vote.

Over the years, I have collected some stories of elections that resulted in a tie. You can’t get any closer than that. Consider the story of Penny Pullen in Illinois. A number of years ago, it appeared she lost a primary election by 31 votes. However, there were many irregularities in the ballots. Judge Francis Barth concluded that the election was a draw and ordered a coin toss. She lost the election on a coin toss. Later she found out that many members of her church hadn’t bothered to vote in the primary election and could have made a crucial difference.

In 2006, there was an even more interesting story of an electoral tie. William Crawford and Jean Miller both received an identical number of votes in an election in Ohio. William Crawford was especially upset. You might ask why. Well, it turned out that his two sons failed to vote that day. His son Jim lives across the street from him. His other son Andy is a college student who lives at home with him. Neither took the time to go to the polls.

Would the outcome of these elections be different if a few people in Penny Pullen’s church had bothered to vote or if either of William Crawford’s sons had bothered to vote? Does one vote count? Just ask Penny Pullen or William Crawford.

We recognize that God is sovereign and reigns in the affairs of men. I ask you to join me today in praying for our nation, that God would intervene and place in leadership the men and women who are the best of our choices to uphold His truth in our culture.

I ask that you pray that God would grip the hearts and minds of the people He is about to allow to become our new leaders and to turn those hearts toward Him, to order their steps according to His plan.

Let us pray together that God would embolden His people to stand for His truth in our culture and to be the salt and light that He has called us to be.
Kerby Anderson is a radio talk show host heard on numerous stations via the Point of View Network endorsed by Dr. Bill Smith, Editor, ARRA News Service This article was edited/updated with additional information from Kerby Anderson addressing the need to Pray for America.

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