Monday, November 7, 2016

Dear Pro-lifers: Trump Absolutely Worth Your Vote

by Marjorie Dannenfelser and Frank Pavone: A Washington Examiner op-ed asked whether Donald Trump is worth pro-lifers' support and asserted that pro-life leaders "owe us … a candid appraisal of what Trump is likely to accomplish" as president. That's precisely what we, the heads of Susan B. Anthony List and Priests for Life, have done throughout the election: make the case that Trump is the best choice for pro-lifers in this election.

Donald Trump was not always pro-life. He does not speak about this issue like an activist who has been in the fight for decades. He does, however, talk about life with the passion and zeal of a convert. Our movement, replete with converts, ought to give him credit for it.

In the most recent presidential debate, Trump described the horror of partial-birth abortion. He did a service to all voters in forcing Hillary Clinton to own up to her extreme positions in support of this procedure and expanded abortion-on-demand. Could one imagine Mitt Romney or other past Republican nominees boldly describing late-term abortion and unapologetically proclaiming pro-life beliefs just weeks from the election?

Over time, Trump's commitments to life have gotten stronger. His inner circle includes pro-life leaders of the highest degree: Kellyanne Conway, David Bossie and John Mashburn. Trump's running mate, Gov. Mike Pence, is a pro-life trailblazer who has spent his entire career fighting to defund the abortion industry and helped make Indiana one of the friendliest states in the country for unborn babies and their mothers.

Most importantly, Trump has been unwavering in his commitment to four specific pro-life policies: the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act to protect babies more than halfway through pregnancy, appointment of pro-life justices to the Supreme Court, defunding Planned Parenthood as long as they perform abortions and making the Hyde Amendment permanent to prevent taxpayer funding of abortion-on-demand.

These are not pie-in-the-sky hopes — many pro-life advances that have long been stalled under a pro-abortion president would get a realistic shot with Trump in the White House and a pro-life Senate.

Don't forget that Clinton's commitments take zeal for abortion to an unprecedented level. If Clinton and the Democratic Party get their way and repeal the Hyde Amendment, as many as 60,000 more babies would be aborted every year, paid for by taxpayers. We must not cross that Rubicon.

Then there are the estimated 18,000 children a year who would die in painful late-term abortions. This would go unimpeded by Clinton, who says a baby on its due date has no constitutional rights. That adds up to 312,000 human lives lost over one presidential term.

There is also no question Clinton would stack the Supreme Court with pro-abortion justices who would not only block new pro-life legislation, but roll back the gains we've already made.

Planned Parenthood is counting on Clinton to do all that and more. The abortion giant broke a 100-year tradition by endorsing her in the primaries. Clinton repaid the favor by giving her first speech as presumptive nominee at a Planned Parenthood gathering, telling a rapt crowd that she would "always have your back." Planned Parenthood wouldn't invest $30 million in her candidacy without expecting a return. The abortion lobby knows Clinton is their dream candidate.

Under Trump, a divided Congress could indeed be challenging. That's why we are sparing no effort to protect the senate's pro-life majority. SBA List's ground team has been active since October 2015 and just surpassed its goal of knocking on 1 million doors in key battleground states prior to Election Day. We are reaching out to infrequent pro-life voters, including Hispanics and persuadable Democrats, to expose Clinton and pro-abortion senate candidates for the extremists they are.

Our mission does not end on Nov. 9. No matter who wins the White House, our fight will endure. That means holding politicians accountable for the promises they make on the campaign trail. When they fail to lead on legislation or betray pro-life principles, we ensure their constituents know and remember on Election Day. The pro-life movement has a long memory. It is just a matter of being strategic and leveraging pro-lifers' powerful voice in the most effective way.

As Election Day draws near, we keep before us the thought of those 312,000 precious children who will perish if Clinton implements her extreme agenda. Each child is unique, unrepeatable and created with a purpose. How would they want us to vote on Nov. 8? The answer is not complicated. It is absolutely worth voting for Donald Trump.
Marjorie Dannenfelser is the president of Susan B. Anthony List. Father Frank Pavone is the National Director of Priests for Life.
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