Thursday, November 3, 2016

Hillary Clinton Stands for Abortion at EVERT STAGE of Pregnancy

“There is an issue at stake this election that should be of importance to every Catholic and Christian voter, and that is abortion,” Winnie Zeamer writes.

Hillary Clinton stands for abortion at any stage of pregnancy, promising to end restrictions on taxpayer funding for abortion. Clinton’s vice presidential pick, Tim Kaine, claims to be a devout Catholic privately, while defending abortion rights publicly. This misleads and confuses some people of faith,” Zeamer says.

She continues: “What a contrast with Trump’s vice-presidential pick, Mike Pence. He recognizes and is not afraid to state that the right to life is the first and foremost human right, without which no other rights matter.”

Another voter calls on pro-life people to speak up for those who can’t defend themselves. Mary Bocchino writes:

An 18-year-old Roebling man was charged with “inflicting unnecessary cruelty and causing the death of a living creature,” a puppy. He will likely serve time for his inhumane treatment of animals. Yet, the inhumane treatment of babies by “animals” is carried out on a daily basis, by doctors using sterilized gloves and instruments to perform legal abortions.

What is wrong with this picture?

Bocchino continues: “We want to rid the world of terrorism, yet we continue to have our own form of terrorism right here. I love our country, but, as a nation, our acceptance of abortion makes us no better than the terrorists. Listen to the cry of the unborn who, through abortion, continue to be silenced before they take their first breath. Speak out, America, for those who can’t speak. Vote for the candidates who will represent “all” of the people, including the unborn.” . . . Read More

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James said...

Absolutely evil to the core she is.

Roberta Lashare said...

Evil, against our Creator.