Monday, November 28, 2016

Netherlands Will Now Euthanize Alcoholics, Will Drug Addicts be Next?

The ever-expanding circle of eligibility for euthanasia in the Netherlands now includes alcoholism. Writing in the Dutch magazine Linda, journalist Marcel Langedijk describes the grim life and death of his brother Mark, a hopeless alcoholic. . . .

Finally he asked for euthanasia. Physically he was quite ill and psychologically he was suffering badly. He met the minimum criteria for euthanasia in the Netherlands. A woman doctor in a black dress and sneakers arrived to give him his lethal injection. She confirmed his decision and then gave him three doses. He died quickly.

Mark’s death underscores how little the world knows about real-life cases of euthanasia, as opposed to the sanitized versions which appear in politicians’ speeches. Isn’t this just another case of society giving up on a person who had given up on himself?

What comes next? Will Dutch drug addicts be encouraged to take the cheapest drug rehabilitation program ever? Just one needle and you are “cured” forever…? . . . Read More

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Patrick L. Booth said...

Maybe they'll start treating addics and dealers like the Phillipines, kill'em by the thousands.

defendallchildrennow said...

It's the Margaret Sanger form of "cleansing the weeds" aka the culture of death.

Deborah Hazelip said...

People, wake up. The only enemy Satan the devil and those people who serve him are trying to destroy mankind on the face of the Earth, instead of helping mankind.