Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Planned Parenthood CEO After Planned Parenthood CEO, “We’re Devastated & Angry”

The Planned Parenthood abortion business this morning issued a desperate email to abortion advocates that support it following last night’s surprise defeat of pro-abortion presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

The abortion company was forced to tell its supporters that it plans to stay open and will not be closing down as long as they continue providing financial support for it.

Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards admitted that the abortion giant has devastated and angry after last night’s surprise election. She said she would understand it if abortion advocates wanted to just stay in bed today and ignore the reality of their massive defeat. Here are excerpts from her email:

Let’s get all these words out of the way: Devastated. Angry. Heartbroken. Outraged. Shocked. Sad. Disgusted. Ashamed. Discouraged. Exhausted. Shattered.

And now four more words — the most important ones:

These. Doors. Stay. Open.

I know that you and I can’t possibly have enough words to describe our feelings about what happened in this election and what lies ahead. . . .

It’s up to us to make sure that Planned Parenthood health centers will be there wherever and whenever they are needed, no matter what.

Their doors will stay open because our voices get louder. Our determination grows stronger. And our commitment to protecting the rights and health care of millions of people is unwavering.

We will continue to stand and fight. And we’re not alone. Most people believe in access to health care, reproductive services, and abortion. We have seen what our opposition is capable of and the consequences are inconceivable. You, me, and the rest of the Planned Parenthood family must — will — stop them. That’s what we do.
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DEPLORABLE MissPie said...

Imagine how the babies would feel--if you had not killed them. ✝️55MILLION 👼 #ProLife!

Bill Smith said...

So true. Thanks for commenting.

Anna said...

Every time your organization kills an unborn child I am "devastated and angry". As a Neonatal Intensive Care nurse I cared for an 18 week gestation baby that fought hard to live. For you to call this a mass of tissue or any other description other than a baby is false and misleading.

Aodh P O'Beachain said...

Cecile Richards: What about the sliced babies, the live ones sold for cash. Not to mention the broken-down mourning mothers, thanks to your lies.