Tuesday, November 22, 2016

President Obama Admits Defeat on Supreme Court Nomination . . .

. . . of Pro-Abortion Merrick Garland

In a tremendous victory for pro-life advocates, President Barack Obama has admitted defeat on the Supreme Court nomination of pro-abortion judge Merrick Garland.

Leading pro-life organizations strenuously opposed Garland’s nomination and urged Republican lawmakers to prevent a vote on his nomination until the election of a new president. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell promised the Senate would never vote on Garland’s nomination and kept his promise all the way through this month’s election of President-elect Donald Trump.

Thanks to McConnell another Republican leaders in the Senate, Trump will have the ability to nominate a potential Supreme Court Justice to replace pro-life Justice Antonin Scalia. Had he and GOP Senators allowed a vote, Scalia would have been replaced by an abortion advocate who could have kept virtually unlimited abortion in place for another four decades.

Now Obama has admitted that Garland’s nomination will not take place and that the Senate will not vote.

. . . Leading pro-life advocates agree the Senate should not vote on Scalia’s replacement until after a new president has been selected.

Garland has praised the author of Roe v. Wade and said his court paper are “the greatest gift to the country.” And information has surfaced showing that his former clerks have gone on to serve liberal judges by a 3-1 margin. . . . Read More

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