Saturday, November 19, 2016

Speaker Paul Ryan: We’ll Pass Another Bill to Defund Planned Parenthood

During a press conference yesterday, pro-life speaker Paul Ryan said Congress is committed to passing another bill to defund the Planned Parenthood abortion business, which was caught selling the body parts of aborted babies. Hearings have exposed how the abortion company likely violated federal laws to sell the body parts.

Earlier this year, Congress approved legislation to defund the nation’s largest abortion company. Pro-abortion President Barack Obama vetoed the bill and the House did not have enough votes to overcome objections from pro-abortion Democrats — who prevented Congress from reaching a two-thirds threshold to override Obama’s veto.

In his comments to reporters, Speaker Ryan said Congress will pass another piece of legislation. This bill to defund Planned Parenthood should arrive at the desk of President-elect Donald Trump, who has already promised to sign such legislation into law.

“We’ve already shown what we believe with respect to funding Planned Parenthood,” Speaker Ryan said. “We put a bill on Obama’s desk in reconciliation. Our position has not changed.” . . . Read More

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Aodh P O'Beachain said...

And that shall be Obama's legacy and a kick up HRC's bottom.

Deborah Hazelip said...

YEAH!! Praise God in Jesus Christ's mighty Name, Amen.