Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Stunning Pro-Life Poll Numbers - Catholics Strike Back

by CatholicVote.org: Did you see the new polls this morning?

The Investor’s Business Daily tracking poll revealed Donald Trump leading Hillary Clinton 48% to 39% among Catholic voters.

Remember, according to RPPI, Clinton led Trump among Catholics by 21 points in August.

‘Backwards’ Catholics strike back!
Clearly the barrage of criticism and the push back from Catholics everywhere is having a huge impact. When Catholic voters are told the truth, they are fleeing the Clinton camp in droves…

The CatholicVote website is right now is a clearinghouse on everything related to this Wikileaks scandal. You’ll find great articles detailing and exposing exactly what Team Clinton is doing to undermine the Catholic faith -- including creating fake Catholic front groups to start a ‘revolution’ in the Church.

You and I both know there are strong disagreements among some Catholics in the pews. But there is one thing we all can agree on: We will not tolerate our faith being attacked and cheapened.

It’s one thing for the Clinton campaign to disagree with the Catholic Church on certain issues. But it’s entirely different to mock, ridicule, and scheme to turn Catholics against each other for political gain.
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