Thursday, November 17, 2016

Taxpayer-Funded Planned Parenthood Paying People $1600 Per Week to Protest Donald Trump

. . . It seems Planned Parenthood’s Community Outreach Group was paying for protestors to go full Stompy Feet over the election of Donald Trump. If you are interested in making up to $1,600 per week, Planned Parenthood needs you to go outside, wail and bewail, hold up a sign and perhaps destroy property (is there a bonus for that?) in an effort to keep its federal funding.

Yes, it’s true. Through Craig’s List, Planned Parenthood’s own social action organization was soliciting protestors to “stop Donald Trump.”

Planned Parenthood of course, will deny any tax dollars are being used for these protests. These are “private funds,” right? And perhaps they are. But no one can deny our tax dollars (well in excess of $500 million per year) pour into Planned Parenthood’s coffers, freeing up “private” funds for its massive political action machine.

And this machine is more than happy to pay $15-18 per hour to Stompy Foot Protestors-for-hire in Boston.

It’s rich, isn’t it? Planned Parenthood was founded by a eugenicist and racist (and Hitler devotee) in Margaret Sanger. This is not even open for debate as the evidence is overwhelming. And now, the very organization she founded is paying protestors, some of whom will likely scream that Donald Trump is a racist and a Hitler wannabe. . . . Read More

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Eric Gay said...

Time to cut them off the need to pay their own bills.

Nancy Paulson said...

They must have a lot to lose here but the election is over, guys. Selling baby parts must have been quite lucrative.

Teresa Rhodes said...

To what end are they protesting? The election is over. He won and he WILL be the 45th President of the United States. They just look foolish.

Bill Smith said...

Teresa, They didn't get their participation trophies.

Deborah Hazelip said...