Saturday, November 12, 2016

UN Global LGBT Czar Not Yet Decided

by Austin Ruse, President, CFAM: The battle lines are stiffening at the UN over the highly controversial post of UN global enforcer on the homosexual agenda. The debate is hot and getting hotter. As per usual it pits the bully countries of Europe and the US against the developing world. Pray the Africans and other stay strong and block this measure. Stefano Gennarini has been working on this for months. He reports: Countries Take up Positions Ahead of UN Vote on LGBT Rights.

The UN General Assembly is preparing the battlefield for the most important vote on the homosexual agenda it has ever faced.

The African Group tabled a resolution last week challenging the legality of a narrow decision of the Human Rights Council in June to establish the first-ever UN bureaucratic post on LGBT issues.

The 54 nation-strong Group said it was “disturbed” by the incessant focus on “sexual interests and behaviors” and asked that these notions not be linked to binding human rights law.

“The African Group is strongly concerned by the attempts to introduce and impose new notions and concepts that are not internationally agreed upon,” Botswana’s ambassador said, presenting the position of the African Group last Friday.

Delegations did not waste time in laying out their positions.

Countries backing the homosexual agenda scrambled to counter the Africans, revealing the high priority Western nations afford the new post, ostensibly aimed at reducing violence and discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity.

A US diplomat said they were “deeply concerned” by the African proposal to re-open negotiations on the resolution of the Human Rights Council because it would “set a very dangerous precedent.” She suggested the Africans were claiming the absence of a legal basis for the mandate as a pretext to block the mandate. . . . .
The nutty sexual revolutionaries at the UN are remarkably announcing that there is a condom shortage around the world. Of course, this is not true, not even remotely true. Rebecca Oas has become a global expert on this issue. She reports: The Contraception Crisis that Isn’t and punctures their pretty balloon. This is a heads up to UN delegates.The world’s most powerful family planning groups announced a “contraceptive crisis,” calling for more funding and “sounding the alarm over the unmet contraceptive needs of hundreds of millions of people.” A look at their latest report, however, shows the opposite: a glut of contraception in a world where unsatisfied demand has sharply fallen.

The group, which includes Planned Parenthood and the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), launched a petition asking the UN Secretary-General to “highlight the centrality of contraceptives to achieving the sustainable development goals.”

The massive family planning community coalesced into a partnership of donors called “FP2020” in 2012 at the London Summit on Family Planning, with the goal of “enabling 120 million additional women and girls to use contraceptives by 2020.” In terms of measurement, “enabling” means “recruiting.” But midway through the initiative, the number of contraceptive adopters is falling short of the target. . . .

The new FP2020 report is significant because UN member states have pledged billions of dollars to meet the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, including a target of “universal access to reproductive health,” including family planning. The methods used to measure access, however, are often misleading and misunderstood.

The frequently-cited “unmet need” for family planning—estimated at over 225 million women and girls—does not measure access to contraceptives or intent to use them. The Guttmacher Institute estimates that only about 5% of “unmet need” is attributed to lack of access by the women themselves. Beneath the human rights language, the main limitation in reaching the FP2020 target is a market nearing a saturation point.

Country-level survey data indicate that where women are not using contraceptives, lack of access is rarely the reason. Even the pro-contraception Population Council acknowledges that awareness of artificial family planning methods is nearly universal.
After the election of Donald Trump, we are C-Fam are optimistic that the rapacious foreign policy of Barack Obama will be ending and soon. All the rainbow flags now flying at US Embassies around the world are coming down. The US will get back to the real issues of our day.

Spread the word. Be brave.

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