Monday, December 12, 2016

Black Americans Are 13% of the Population, But 35% of Abortions Kill Black Babies

According to the Centers for Disease Control’s most recent Abortion Surveillance Report, Black Americans make up 13.3% of the population, but now comprise 35% of reported abortions. To combat the high rate of abortion in the African American community, Human Coalition and the Church of God in Christ (COGIC) denomination have collaborated to launch a new website aimed at engaging Christians in an effort to end abortion in the Black community.

Family Life Campaign is the new Church of God in Christ website that is dedicated to introducing COGIC’s 6.5 million followers to the initiative. The site was created by COGIC’s strategic partner, Human Coalition, and features powerful video stories, life-affirming resources, and access to Human Coalition’s prayer app. . . . Read More

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Patrick Hawkins said...

A full third of the black population has been aborted! One out of every Three black Americans is missing!

Patrick L. Booth said...

There is a modern day holocaust that liberal socialist democrat Americans cannot see for they're blind to abortion which destroys life and is primarily aimed at black America.

Aodh P O'Beachain said...

Yes, M. Sanger began Planned Un- Parenthood to do that (abortions of blacks), plus poor Hispanics and poor whites.