Friday, December 23, 2016

Out Going US UN Ambassador Implies Africans Condone Murder of Homosexuals

Outgoing US Ambassador
Samantha Power 
NEW YORK, December 23 (C-Fam): In what can only be considered well outside the bounds of customarily polite diplomatic discourse at UN headquarters, a visibly agitated US Ambassador Samantha Power accused African delegations of being complicit in the murder of homosexuals who are thrown off rooftops in ISIS-held cities.

Power’s overcharged statement stood in contrast to an unusually hushed UN chamber that underlined the uncertainty of the outcome of a vote challenging the establishment of a UN monitor on homosexual rights by the Human Rights Council in June. . . .

It was something of final and unforeseeable gift to the Obama administration that for eight years has prioritized homosexual rights at the United Nations and around the world.

Invoking the Orlando massacre, Samantha Power asked, “Why would any member state stand in the way of preventing that kind of violence?” suggesting Africans were also complicit in the islamic terrorist-inspired slaughter of homosexuals at the gay nightclub earlier this year. . . . Read More

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