Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Babies Born Alive Were Left to Die After Abortions at a Univ. Hospital

The congressional Select Panel on Infant Lives has issued its final report, with a detailed account including violations of criminal law and women’s rights by University of New Mexico (UNM) and Southwestern Women’s Options (SWO) late-term abortion business. The report is substantiated by numerous documents and testimony from abortion doctors at both the university and the abortion clinic.

The horrific details of the report include an admission by UNM abortionist and OB-GYN Department Chair Dr. Eve Espey of infants born alive during abortions at UNM Hospital, and that neither she nor students are trained on what to do when this occurs. A Southwestern Women’s Options abortionist trained by Espey also admitted there were cases of infants born alive during induced abortions, and likewise no measures were taken to resuscitate or offer care.

According to the report, when Espey was read the language of the federal Born-Alive Infants Protection Act and asked if she agreed with it, she responded, “I’m not familiar with the law.” She admitted she never discussed the law with counsel and did not “understand the relevance of this to my practice.”

“The admissions of UNM abortionist and OB-GYN Dept. Chair Eve Espey, is shocking, and is only outdone by her willful ignorance of the law,” said New Mexico Alliance for Life Executive Director Elisa Martinez. “Imagine an infant in an abortion clinic without food, without care, defenseless, confused, crying and grasping for life – being left alone to die on its own. . . . . Read More

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HermitTalker said...

OBAMA as an Illinois Senator voted against funding such US CITIZENS hence they died in State Hospital clinics. That was revealed when he ran for POTOS. Constitution says, once born in USA one is a citizen; he said he wanted to preserve the "right" to abortion which pro-choice Law Professor Lawrence Tribe of Harvard says does not exist.

HermitTalker said...

OBAMA as a Senator in Illinois voted against funding to keep US aborted but alive babies alive in State hospitals. Law professor Harvard Lawrence Tribe, pro-choice said Roe v Wade IS NOT CONSTITUTIONAL

Kathy McEachern said...

Sadly, that's been going on for ages & ages. Also sadly, they keep turning up more and more..I'm afraid it's more common than we realize.