Thursday, January 5, 2017

Fearful 81-Year-Old Woman Gets Tattoo Saying “Don’t Euthanize Me”

Jaws may have fallen to the floor when an elderly lady stepped foot in a tattoo parlor. She isn’t quite a stereotypical customer.

But for one Canadian grandmother, the tattoo parlor was another errand in her day, as she had the words “don’t euthanize me” etched into her arm, the Catholic News Agency reports.

“It’s drastic, but this very clearly says, ‘I’m going to live until God’s ready for me’,” the elderly woman, Christine Nagel, told

Nagel is a professed Christian who opposes physician-assisted suicide, a practice legalized in Canada in June 2016. She said she is uncomfortable with what she views as disrespect for human life, whether her own or anyone else’s.

“We know that requests to die are often made as a cry for an end to suffering, and this cry is impossible to ignore for those who witness the suffering,” Richard Smith, a Roman Catholic Archbishop in Edmonton, stated in response to the passage of the new legislation. “But the compassionate response must be to provide social, emotional and spiritual support and the best pain management and palliative care possible." . . . Read More

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