Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Last Week Gosnell Book Made History

by Ann & Phelim:  We need to tell you all about the last week - what a week it was! (And that's despite the complete lack of coverage by the mainstream media who are still trying to suppress the truth about Gosnell).

Gosnell - The Untold Story of America's Most Prolific Serial Killer launched on January 24th. Two days later, we were invited to The White House by Vice President Mike Pence where we had the extraordinary honor of meeting him and the Counselor to The President Kellyanne Conway.

The above would have been enough to make last week the best ever, but there is so much more!

Ann was invited to talk about the book by the mighty Bill O'Reilly on The Factor and on the Rush Limbaugh Show (with the the one and only Mark Steyn guest-hosting).

The Gosnell book immediately soared to No. 3 on the Amazon Best Sellers List (that's third most-selling book of ALL BOOKS on Amazon!!!). It remained near the top for the rest of the week and it now features a 5-star rating from customers.

Three days after publication, the Gosnell book SOLD out completely on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Books A Million. That is a lot of people buying the books for themselves, their family and friends and that's many new people being exposed to the truth about the Gosnell story.

All the retailers have re-ordered and our publisher is rushing another printing. Right now, the fastest way of getting the book is buying an e-book on Amazon. You don't even need a Kindle device to read it - just install a free Kindle app on your smartphone, tablet or laptop. If you prefer a hardcover, you can order from Barnes & Noble who is going to ship the copies again this week. (Their website states Feb 8th but it should be sooner as more copies are already on the way to them).

But wait, there is more!

Ann and Phelim spoke and signed books at a Heritage event (streamed by Daily Signal and watched live by 100,000 people), at the King's College in NYC (where they also screened the Gosnell Movie for the students) and of course at the March for Life. Ann then traveled to a conference in St. Louis where she showed the movie and signed books again.

The online buzz is massive too. We were featured and reviewed by The Daily Mail, The Irish Time, Breitbar, The Federalist, PJ Media, Townhall, Red State, the Christian Post, Conservative Review and more. And today we landed on the New York Post's "This week's must-read books.

We were also all over the radio and podcast world with interviews on Bill O'Reilly's The Contributing Factor, Mark Steyn's TV, The Eric Metaxas show, The Mike Gallagher Show, In The Market with Janet Parschall, Bill Martinez Live, The Kevin McCullough Show, The Schilling Show and many more.

For those of you who are wondering about the movie - all this publicity is going to help us greatly with finding investors for an independent release of the film this year. Stay tuned!

For now, please help the Gosnell story remain in the papers and the public eye and order the book today on Barnes & Noble or an e-book on Amazon. As you can see, the mainstream media is still ignoring the Gosnell book despite our success, but we now have a really good chance to get on The New York Times Best Sellers List - we will find out if we are on it this Wednesday! So please, if you bought the book already, order one or two more for your friends and send the link to anyone interested.

Together, we can end the coverup!

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