Saturday, February 18, 2017

Arkansas House Passes Bill Banning Abortions Based Solely On Baby’s Sex

Arkansas took an important first step this week to becoming the eighth state to ban abortions based solely on the sex of the baby. On Tuesday, the House voted 79-3 in favor of House Bill 1434, the Sex Discrimination by Abortion Prohibition Act.

The Associated Press ;reported, “The bottom line is it’s just the right thing to do to have this in the law,” Republican Rep. Charlie Collins told lawmakers before the vote.

The measure has now moved onto the state Senate.

The prohibition is already the law in Arizona, Kansas, North Carolina, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania and South Dakota, according to Ingrid Duran, NRLC’s Director of State Legislation.

HB 1434 reads in part:
“A physician or other person shall not intentionally perform or attempt to perform an abortion with the knowledge that the pregnant woman is seeking the abortion solely on the basis of the sex of the unborn child… . . . Read More

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