Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Victory for Kids

Brian Burch, Catholic Vote: History was just made. Vice President Pence cast the first-ever tie-breaking vote for a Cabinet post.

Betsy DeVos was confirmed as the new Secretary of Education -- 51-50.

This, after Democrats did everything possible to stop her, including a pathetic 24-hour talking marathon designed to please the radical Left while posturing to care for kids.

Take a look at the political contributions made by teachers unions in 2016...
National Education Association: $23.7 million
American Federation of Teachers: $8.8 million
AFT Solidarity: $425,000
And where did these millions go? Democrats in Congress: $ 2,315,309
Republicans in Congress: $ 212,859
That means that Democrats received nearly 92% of all political contributions that teachers unions gave to members of the United States Congress.

KEY: The vote on Betsy DeVos was not about children. Senate Democrats (and 2 Republicans) voted against DeVos to protect a monopoly that funds their campaigns, and protects a system that is failing our children.

Want proof?

Just last month, a nonpartisan study by the federal Institute of Education Sciences revealed that the Obama administration School Improvement Grant (SIG) program failed to achieve any academic improvement for students... over 8 years! The program spent over $7 billion, the largest investment ever to help failing public schools. And it accomplished NOTHING.

Yet, Democrats in the Senate fought tooth and nail to preserve the status quo.

Betsy DeVos has spent much of her life pleading for kids in failing schools. She has spent millions of her own dollars to help kids abandoned and forgotten by the union bosses who just tried to defeat her. She believes every child deserves a chance to attend a school dedicated to academic excellence and she’s open to several pathways to get there including vouchers, charter schools, tax credits and more.

The Catholic Church has a real interest in seeing education reform become a reality. If we truly care about vulnerable children stuck in poverty, breaking the education monopoly that has failed millions of kids for decades is a key first step.

We’ve offered those working with DeVos 100% of our support.

This is one of our top priorities.

And with your help, we intend to deliver.

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