Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Abortion is Personal - Every Abortion Impacts All of of Humanity.

Day 7 - 40 Days for Life: We take abortion personally ... because every abortion impacts all of of humanity.

The people who understand this the most are the real heroes of 40 Days for Life -- the local campaign leaders. These selfless people sacrifice their time and comfort to lead local vigils ... from Los Angeles to Hong Kong to Charleston to Auckland to Boston.

They all know the impact of abortion ... and for some of them, it's even more deeply personal.

Here’s an example from one of the newest 40 Days for Life leaders.

Centralia, Washington
The local newspaper in Centralia ran an article about 40 Days for Life and Caroline Bowes, the 20-year-old first-time director of the local campaign.

Caroline (on the left in this photo), her sisters Valerie and Victoria and her brother Kyle are quadruplets.

But if their parents had listened to the doctors when their mom was pregnant, there would have only been two babies instead of four. The doctors said they were concerned about her mother's safety and recommended abortion.

“My parents knew that God would provide for them, so they chose life,” she told the newspaper.

As for the vigil itself, Caroline says it’s making an impact, which she’s seen while standing in the rain praying with others ... [more]

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