Tuesday, March 21, 2017

DAY 21 - 40 Days for Life: Sacramento, California

David Brandao, Communications Director, 40 Days for Life, Spring 2017: When the 40 Days for Life team met with Sacramento volunteers on a bus tour stop, they were introduced to a woman who had received troubling news from her doctor.

She was told there was between a 40 and 60 percent chance that her baby would be born with Down syndrome or another chromosomal anomaly, or perhaps a heart problem. Faced with such a diagnosis, the doctor started to advise an abortion.

The baby’s parents quickly cut him off. They would accept and love whatever child God gave them.

That was almost five years ago. These parents attended the 40 Days for Life vigil recently … with their completely healthy child.

The medical diagnosis could have easily been explained from a “glass is half full” perspective – that the baby had a 40 to 60 percent chance of being fine. But based on even a hint of problems, the prospect of abortion was raised almost immediately.

Thankfully, these were strong parents with a strong faith!

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