Sunday, March 26, 2017

DAY 26: A Little Nudge From God

Shawn Carney, President, 40 Days for Life, Spring 2017: While praying outside an abortion center can be a source of blessings … sometimes it’s just hard to get out of bed and go do it.

One of our 40 Days for Life campaign leaders shared a note from a volunteer that was overcome by a feeling of ambivalence about going to pray at Planned Parenthood.

This volunteer makes a note on her calendar on the days she’s scheduled for the vigil – PPP. It stands for “Pray at Planned Parenthood.” Remember that!

“So this particular day I was going to pray,” she said. “Driving, I found myself distracted, grumbling, questioning if it really makes a difference.”

Right about that time, a car cut right in front of her. She couldn’t help but notice the car’s license, which included the letters PPP – yes, the very same as her shorthand for “Pray at Planned Parenthood.”

“I was dumbfounded and overcome by a quiet conviction that God was speaking directly to me,” she said – at the very moment she needed “His gentle encouragement. God is good!”

This volunteer also recalled her own struggles. “I wish someone would have been there for me when I went for my abortion. It could have made all the difference. Even so, it makes a difference now.”

You can be the difference for someone. So go pray!

Virginia Beach, Virginia
“It was a cold and windy day -- but a wonderful visit,” said Tibor Baksy, a 40 Days for Life board member, who prayed with 40 Days for Life volunteers in Virginia Beach.

“My daughter Isabel joined me and we met Cheri, the coordinator,” Tibor said.
“She just received news that the fourth baby has been saved since the spring campaign started. She continues to pray, hand out literature to mothers offering free pregnancy tests and ultrasounds … motivated by God’s call and her love of children.”

Tibor also met Pete, who has prayed outside abortion centers since 1973. “He shared a story of a mother coming up to him and telling him that her daughter decided to have her baby as the result of their presence and prayer. The mother is now a proud grandparent of a saved baby.”

As for the latest mother to choose life, Cheri said the young woman was shocked when her pregnancy test showed positive … so she rushed to Planned Parenthood for another pregnancy test and to “make her decision about the pregnancy.”

Her biggest fear was how the father would take the news and feel about the baby. One of the volunteers said “he is shocked as well … but they will parent the baby.”

Des Moines, Iowa
North American campaign director Steve Karlen joined volunteers in Des Moines for their 40 Days for Life midpoint rally.

“Geneveve, the local leader, brought together a great group for the vigil—including three pastors,” Steve said. “We met at a local church, and the intention was to conduct a candlelight procession to Planned Parenthood. The strong winds blew out the candles, but the procession continued nevertheless.”

While in Des Moines, he learned that Iowa has closed more abortion businesses than any other state except Texas over the last few years. “The number of abortions has decreased by about 40% -- from more than 6,000 to fewer than 4,000 -- in the last decade.”

The Des Moines vigil takes place at Planned Parenthood of the Heartland’s flagship location in Des Moines.

The local volunteers reported that—in spite of the many abortion centers that have closed in Iowa—the parking lot doesn’t usually seem very busy,” Steve said -- proof that “we can save lives and advance toward the end of abortion.”

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