Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Environmentalists Want to Grant Human Rights to a River, But Not to Unborn Children

. . . [R]adical environmentalists wanted to accord human-type “rights” to “nature.”

The idea is to prevent development and human exploitation of natural resources. Under these laws, anyone can sue on behalf of “nature,” and courts have to give the rights of the birds and the bees and the flowers and the trees “equal consideration” to the needs or desires of humans.

Toward this end, New Zealand granted the Whanganui River the rights of “personood.”

. . . Now, a proposal is being pushed in the UK to give “rights” to the Frome River. . . .

Some here in the US have also caught this radical infection: More than thirty U.S. municipalities–including Santa Monica, which has no “nature” left to protect–have instituted laws that recognize the “rights of nature.”

The message, of course, is that humans are not the least bit exceptional. Indeed, this view posits the subversive view that we are merely one species among flora and fauna possessing no special value nor entitled to unique rights. . . . Read More

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