Thursday, March 30, 2017

Massive Pro-Life Pro-Family Victory At UN . . .

. . . Left Wing Goverenments Furious & Anti-Life Groups Continue To Attack C-FAM

by Austin Ruse: I wrote in desperation as the UN Commission on the Status of Women approached. I wrote to practically every day asking for your help in going up against those who practically worship abortion and irregular personal relationships.

I am here to tell that we won. We won. We beat them. We stood up for life and family and we won.

Here is what happened.

After years of suffering through the most pro-abortion pro-death Obama administration, the United States returned to the pro-life fold.

When the final document was gaveled closed, the Trump administration delivered a poignant pro-life statement. The U.S. insisted that “sexual and reproductive health” does not “create new international rights, including a right to abortion.”

Trump negotiators also insisted that the United States is the “largest bi-lateral donor of maternal, newborn, and child health assistance…” Note that none of that includes abortion!

The final document omitted every reference to abortion, but qualified every reference to “sexual and reproductive health”, a phrase used by radicals to promote abortion.

The leftist governments of the European Union tried to remove the pro-life caveats to the term “sexual and reproductive health” but this failed thanks to the brave delegates from Africa.

The document dealt a deathblow to the nasty phrase “comprehensive sexuality education” which is used to promote all manner of exotic, and perverted sexual practices to little children.

C-Fam was at the center of all of this. I cannot report on the work of Lisa Correnti as a member of the U.S. delegation except to say that she worked long and hard hours monitoring every minute of negotiations and through her remarkable diplomatic skills and deep knowledge of the issues, had a very positive impact on the U.S. position.

I will just point out that Lisa, C-Fam and I were attacked by leftist Democrats who are insistent on telling the Trump administration what to do. They told all manner of lies about C-Fam and I. But we held firm. As did the Trump administration who deserves our praise.

In the coming days, we will embark on yet another journey. Yet another UN commission commences in five days. The UN Commission on Population and Development will start on April 3rd and runs for five days.

Negotiations are already underway. We are analyzing documents, lobbying delegates, and ensuring that this new document DOES NOT ADVANCE A RIGHT TO ABORTION, AND WILL NOT MAKE SEXUAL ORIENTATION AND GENDER IDENTITY A NEW PROTECTED CLASS.

But we cannot do this without your help. We are up against rich and powerful organizations and governments, not to mention powerful UN agencies, all set on spreading their gospel of death.
Austin Ruse is President of the Center for Family and Human Rights (C-Fam). Ruse or his team have participated in every major UN social policy negotiation since 1997 including the multi-year negotiations that created the International Criminal Court.

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