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PRAYER ALERT: Gorsuch hearings begin Monday 20 March

Judge Neil Gorsuch
Trump nominees for the Supreme Court
by Chaplain Gordon James Klingenschmitt, PhD : On Monday the Senate Judiciary Committee will begin hearing testimony for and against Neil Gorsuch's confirmation to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Former Chairman and longest serving Senator on Judiciary Committee Orrin Hatch writes:

"...In next week’s confirmation hearing, Judge Neil Gorsuch should be spared the political pile-on that has crushed the hopes of past nominees. In Gorsuch, the Senate has before it a highly respected and indisputably qualified candidate for the Supreme Court. I hope that his upcoming confirmation hearing will be both fair and productive...

"Do not be deceived by progressives who say Gorsuch is outside the mainstream. Democratic Senators who push this specious claim are really just voicing their frustration that Gorsuch’s decisions will not always align with liberal policy goals. That’s because, much to liberals’ chagrin, Gorsuch’s approach to judging focuses not on politics but on the meaning of the law. In other words, he says what the law is — not what Democrats want it to be...

"Liberals will tie themselves in knots claiming that Gorsuch is some sort of fringe jurist, that his views place him on the far flank of the federal judiciary. But any honest observer will concede that these accusations are complete bunk. Opponents will claim that his decisions say things that they very clearly do not say, or stand for propositions that even a generous reading cannot substantiate.

"Ultimately, Gorsuch’s opponents will fail because he is so clearly a man of integrity and so clearly qualified to serve on our nation’s highest court. I have full confidence that when Gorsuch’s hearing is over and the last question has been asked, he will have shown the Senate that he is ready to serve on the Supreme Court."

SCOTUS nominee Neil Gorsuch was a "fishing buddy" friend of Antonin Scalia, and may actually be more conservative than Scalia on issues like de-regulation.

ON LIFE: "Shortly before he became a judge, Gorsuch wrote a book for Princeton University Press, “The Future of Assisted Suicide and Euthanasia,” which reviewed the history and the legal arguments for and against permitting people to have help in ending their lives. He concluded arguing for “retaining the laws banning assisted suicide and euthanasia … based on the idea that all human beings are intrinsically valuable and the intentional taking of human life by private persons is always wrong.” (L.A.Times)

WROTE BOOK AGAINST ASSISTED SUICIDE: "The Future of Assisted Suicide and Euthanasia provides the most thorough overview of the ethical and legal issues raised by assisted suicide and euthanasia--as well as the most comprehensive argument against their legalization--ever published." (Book Cover Here)

ON NATURAL LAW: "After studying at Columbia University and Harvard Law School, Gorsuch earned a doctorate from Oxford University, where he was supervised by John Finnis, an internationally acclaimed philosopher of law and a theorist of natural law and natural rights [from God]. (Washington Post)

ON REGULATIONS: "...It seems quite clear that: (1) Gorsuch’s views on administrative law are meaningfully different from Scalia’s in a way that could be described as even more conservative; and yet (2) the difference is not as profound as one might think. Unlike Scalia, Gorsuch really does want to apply the basic Gorsuch/Scalia take on ordinary statutes to administrative statutes as well."

ON RELIGIOUS FREEDOM: "Some of the most high-profile cases in which Gorsuch has cast a vote have involved the religion clauses of the Constitution (those prohibiting the establishment of religion and creating a right to free exercise), as well as congressional statutes expanding protection for religious adherents (known as RFRA and RLUIPA).

"Followers of the Supreme Court will recognize two recent cases in which Gorsuch participated on the 10th Circuit, Hobby Lobby Stores v. Sebelius and Little Sisters of the Poor Home for the Aged v. Burwell. In Hobby Lobby, Gorsuch wrote a concurrence in the en banc 10th Circuit that sided with the company and its owners. He stressed the need to accept these parties’ own conceptions regarding the requirements of their faith, and held (among other things) that they were likely to prevail on claims that the contraception mandate in the Affordable Care Act substantially burdened their religious exercise in violation of RFRA.

"This position was largely vindicated in the subsequent decision by the Supreme Court. Thereafter, in Little Sisters of the Poor, Gorsuch joined a group of 10th Circuit judges who dissented from denial of rehearing en banc when a panel of the court of appeals ruled against the Little Sisters on their RFRA claims about the same ACA mandate." (SCOTUSblog).

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