Monday, March 13, 2017

The Assault on Life and Family Has Begun at UN Headquarters

by Austin Ruse, President, C-Fam: It has begun. What I warned you about all last week has started. The assault on life and family at started at UN headquarters in New York City.

And the radical world is watching. The hard-left newspaper The Guardian out of the United Kingdom is out with an article this morning saying that renewal of “Mexico City Policy,” which forbids American money from killing babies overseas, is a violation of human rights.

Get this. If you cannot kill your unborn born with American money, you have suffered a human rights violation.

That is what we are up against starting this morning at 10 a.m. and lasting for two solid weeks.

We are up against rich and powerful entities.
  • The UN Secretariat, worth hundreds of millions,
  • International Women’s Health Coalition, that brings in hundreds of millions of dollars,
  • International Planned Parenthood Federation,
  • Ipas, that ships portable abortion devices around the world,
  • Guttmacher Institute, the “think-tank” of the global unborn baby-killers,
  • The Office of the High Commission for Human Rights and its hard-left radical leadership Kate Gilmore,
  • The Gates Foundation, worth billions…
  • And so many more.
Please pray today for Lisa Correnti, Dr. Susan Yoshihara, Dr. Stefano Gennarini, Dr. Rebecca Oas, and Dr. Marianna Orlandi; our amazing C-Fam team who are leading the pro-life efforts at this UN over the next two weeks.

Over this past weekend, this team led a training session for 50 activists who have come in from around the world to assist in this effort!

Pray for them, and please support their work!

I know you cannot be at the UN this week or next. But we will be there on your behalf. So, please help us financially. Please go to and give as much as you can!

We are up against the rich and powerful. We are small and relatively weak. But, with your help, with your prayers and financial support, we will beat them again, we will stand up for the unborn child.

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