Thursday, March 9, 2017

UN Joins With Pro-Abortion Groups to Bash President Trump for Defunding Intl Planned Parenthood

(CFAM) — More than forty-five governments and high-ranking UN staff convened in Brussels this week to raise money and combat U.S. pro-life policies.

Kate Gilmore, the UN Deputy High Commissioner on Human Rights, moderated the “She decides” fundraising event to “counter the impact” of the recently enacted Mexico City Policy. The European initiative raised pledges for $200 million to promote and perform abortion overseas. This includes $20 million from the Gates Foundation and $50 million from an anonymous private U.S. donor.

Gilmore, whose pro-abortion advocacy cost her a prior job at Amnesty International, called the reenactment of the Mexico City Policy “a major slap in the face.” She claimed defunding abortion overseas attacks the “dignity of human reproduction” and the “safety in human sexuality.”

Government officials echoed Gilmore’s anti-Trump rhetoric and mocking tones and pledged financial commitments. Representatives from UNFPA, UN-Women, and World Health Organization welcomed this anti-American tone.

Belgium Deputy Prime Minister Alexander De Croo, whose government pledged another ten million euros, criticized U.S. abortion-free aid policy as a “purely ideological decision” that pushes girls “back into the dark ages.”

Sweden’s Deputy Prime Minister Isabella Lövin and Finland’s Minister for foreign trade Kai Mykkänen pledged $21 million each. Dutch Minister Lilianne Ploumen launched the fundraising initiative, calling it the beginning of a new strategy.

Governments justified their pledges by claiming the Mexico City Policy limits access to family planning for “millions of women” and causes more “unmet need” for contraception. However, the Mexico City Policy only defunds the promotion and performance of abortion. It does not defund contraception or any other form of family planning. . . . Read More

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