Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Anti-Christians Continue Attack on Pro-Lifers

Continue to Attack pro-Lifers
Austin Ruse, President/C-Fam: The anti-Christian assault on C-Fam by the hard left continues. And we need your friendship right now.

The Southern Poverty Law Center has declared war on Christian groups who oppose their agenda. We have been targeted and indeed assaulted for 1) opposing same-sex marriage, 2) criticizing homosexual behavior, 3) fighting against efforts to impose "sexual orientation and gender identity" on countries who do not want it.

The Southern Poverty Law Center used to be a respectable organization fighting against racism. They have evolved into a hard left engine of anti-Catholicism. They are a fabulously wealthy group with more than $300 million in the bank and annual revenues of more than $50 million.

It is quite remarkable that this massively powerful group finds C-Fam to be a threat. It takes them only ten days to raise our yearly budget!

The reason they come after us is that we are David and they are Goliath. We have been highly effective in blocking their agenda at the UN and they hate us for it. They have unleashed an all-out war on us for it.

They and their allies have tried to silence us in Washington DC, at the UN, and now in the European Union. In a letter just sent to the head of the European Union, they are spreading lies about us and trying to keep our voice out of that body.

The funny thing is our positions are based on the teachings of the Catholic Church yet they have never labeled the Church as a hate group. They don't have the guts.

So, I turn to you for your friendship. I turn to you for your prayers. Pray for me. Pray for my staff. Pray for our colleagues and others who are coming under identical attack.

And please, help us financially. The unhinged hard left left would LOVE to see us go out of business. They would love to see us on the street. That is their purpose.

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