Saturday, April 1, 2017

DAY 32: 40 Days for Life International!

Shawn Carney, President, 40 Days for Life: The international expansion of 40 Days for Life continues this year … as campaigns are now under way in 30 countries!

The growth of 40 Days for Life is truly the work of the Holy Spirit.

After the first 40 Days for Life vigil ended in Texas in 2004, we thought that was it. We had no idea at the time what God had in store!
Barcelona, Spain
The first-ever 40 Days for Life vigil in Barcelona is taking place outside an abortion facility in a posh residential suburb.

“They’ve a very good team,” said 40 Days for Life’s Robert Colquhoun, who visited with them.

Many people have come to pray for the very first time outside an abortion business. “Some were skeptical but were won over once they witnessed the vigil,” he said. “At least four to eight people have been at this vigil at any one time.”

There is very little public opposition to the prayer presence, Robert said, “but the abortion centre staff are not happy they are there.”

Volunteers say they know of at least five babies saved so far.

In one instance, they were able to convince an abortion-minded woman to visit a doctor and hear her baby’s heartbeat. The doctor did an ultrasound exam … and then invited her to come back for a second check. The sonogram showed twins!

Robert said Elvira, the local coordinator, and her team have set a strong example, “which should spread to the rest of the country from a solid base in Barcelona.”

Bratislava, Slovakia
“We are fortunate,” said Martina, the 40 Days for Life coordinator in Bratislava. “It is getting a bit warmer here in Slovakia, so we do not need the winter coats and boots anymore!”

Martina hopes the vigil has made an impact on abortion-minded women, but “as abortions are usually performed in hospitals in Slovakia – we are praying outside one – it is almost impossible to find out which women (if any) are going to have an abortion,” she said.

“However, our site is crowded, especially in the mornings. Passers-by and people in cars or buses can see us very well, too!”

Also encouraging is the fact that one group of volunteers has decided to keep praying at the hospital on a weekly basis after 40 Days for Life ends. “Praise the Lord for that!”

Christchurch, New Zealand
The 40 Days for Life campaign continues outside a public hospital in Christchurch where abortions take place. This city’s third 40 Days for Life vigil took a musical turn recently.

Volunteers said they were joined by “awesome” youth groups from two local churches … and they sent along the photo above.

“Their amazing singing and prayers are sure to have touched hearts outside the hospital,” said one of the Christchurch team members. “What a blessing!”

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