Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Emotional Video of Adopted Man Thanking His Birth Mother Goes Viral

Ryan Jon
A video that an Australian DJ made for Mother’s Day thanking the birth mother he has never met has gone viral.

At the time of writing, the video Ryan Jon posted on his Facebook page has been viewed over 4.2 million times.

He posted the clip with the caption: “I’ve never met my biological mum and every year mother’s day gets me thinking. My birth mum sacrificed so much for me and I’d love her to know just how thankful I am and I hope I’m doing her proud.”

Ryan was born in 1987, and was adopted when he was just six weeks old. His parents, Mandy and Rod, had been unable to conceive, and he explained that one day they simply got a phone call that said: “There’s a baby here, come and pick him up tomorrow”. Ryan doesn’t know much about his birth mother, Julie, except what she explained in a letter she left with him. She was living in a share house and when she fell pregnant unexpectedly she simply felt she didn’t have the maturity to be a great mum.

. . . He emphasises what a positive choice adoption is. “I’ve heard a lot of stories where women who have given up kids for adoption feel really guilty and sometimes it seems like a cowardly thing…but as someone who was adopted, from my point of view it’s the total opposite. You’ve given someone the gift of life, you’ve sacrificed your body for someone who in 12 months you won’t even know. I’d love to be able to look my birth mother in they eye and just say how thankful I am.”. . . Read More

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