Sunday, May 7, 2017

Good News: Millennial Christians are More Pro-Life Than Older Christians

When you read Pew Research polls on anything having to do with our issues, you have to read very, very carefully–and all the way to the end. And that includes an analysis posted yesterday under the headline, “Though still conservative, young evangelicals are more liberal than their elders on some issues.”

In one sense this is old news times ten. Millennials take more “liberal” stances on a number of issues, reflecting changes in attitudes in the wider culture.

Before we get to abortion, it’s worth noting, however, that not until the very last paragraph do you learn, “And while younger evangelical Protestants are less conservative than older evangelicals in several areas, they remain more conservative than their generational peers in their attitudes regarding all the issues above.”

But more importantly, the other “surprising” result is a surprise only to those who do not understand that abortion is different from all the other hot-button issues of our day. It’s whether you can live with millions of unborn children dying because the Supreme Court gutted the abortion laws of all 50 states.

Notice how firmly younger Evangelicals are in their defense of unborn children. Even though the wording is designed to get the fewest responses (anytime you talking about making anything “illegal,” the positive numbers go down), almost two-thirds (63%) of Millennial Evangelical Protestants agree that “abortion should be illegal in all/most cases.” And the different with Older Evangelical Protestants is miniscule–66% agreement compared to 63%. . . . . . . Read More:

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Isenbard Kingdom Brunell said...

We're passing the event horizon of abortion in that, the people who support abortion have killed off their offspring who they would have taught to be pro-abortion, while the people who don't believe in it have had more children and taught that abortion is evil.