Monday, May 22, 2017

Pope Francis: “The Church Must Never Tire” of Fighting Abortion

Pope Francis sent words of encouragement to pro-life advocates over the weekend as they participated in the March for Life in Rome, Italy.

The sixth annual march took place on Saturday in Rome where thousands of people united in calling for protections “for life without compromise,” CNA reports. Italy has lost more than 6 million unborn babies to abortion since it became legal in 1978, according to the news outlet.

Pope Francis sent a message Saturday to the marchers with his apostolic blessing and his hopes that their witness would help society understand the worth and dignity of every human life. . . .

In a special message to the organizers of the pro-life March, held on Saturday afternoon in the center of Rome, Francis expressed his wish that the march might “promote adherence to the value of human life and the acceptance of this incommensurable divine gift in all its fascinating richness.” . . .

“The Church must never tire of being an advocate for life and must not neglect to proclaim that human life is to be protected unconditionally from the moment of conception until natural death,” the Pope’s message said. . . . Read More

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