Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Pro-Abortion Hillary Clinton Receives Planned Parenthood’s “Champion of the Century” Award

What does an award from Planned Parenthood look like? Does it look like a Grammy Award except with the head of a baby and some red paint splattered on it?

Or maybe it looks more like one of those silly vagina costumes abortion advocates often wear to try to paint pro-life people as anti-women when all we are concerned about is making sure people aren’t killed before they are even born.

No matter what the award looks like, abortion champion Hillary Clinton will be receiving one from the Planned Parenthood abortion businesses this evening.

And she clearly deserves it.

Hillary Clinton did everything possible during the presidential election to stand up for the Planned Parenthood abortion corporation. At every turn Clinton signaled her support for abortion without limits and said unborn children have no constitutional rights.

She appeared in front of a major Planned Parenthood rally to encourage abortion activist to turn out in force to stop pro-life candidate Donald Trump. That didn’t work out very well.

Despite her failure as a presidential candidate — not once but twice — Hillary Clinton’s best friends of Planned Parenthood will coronation her as their champion of the century anyway. . . . Read More @LifeNews

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