Monday, May 22, 2017

Pro-Abortion Students at “Catholic” Notre Dame Walk Out of Pro-Life VP Mike Pence’s Commence Speech

When pro-life Vice President Mike Pence spoke to graduates at the University of Notre Dame on Sunday, a group of them walked out in protest.

About 100 students and parents walked out of the commencement ceremony as part of a planned protest, NPR reports. A few people also booed as the vice president began his address at the Catholic university in South Bend, Indiana, according to the report.

Pence, a former governor of Indiana, has a strong pro-life record. As governor, he signed a state law to protect unborn babies with disabilities from being aborted. He also spoke about overturning Roe v. Wade while on the campaign trail with President Donald Trump. And in January, Pence became the first sitting vice president to speak at the March for Life in Washington, D.C.

Though the Notre Dame protesters did not specifically mention abortion, they said they were angry at Pence for “marginaliz[ing] our vulnerable sisters and brothers for their religion, skin color or sexual orientation.”

In a statement, they said Pence targeted “the civil rights protections of members of LBGT+ community, … rejected the Syrian refugee resettlement program, supported an unconstitutional ban of religious minorities, and fought against sanctuary cities.” . . . Read Moree

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Aodh P O'Beachain said...

Notre Dame pro-life students protested Obama's honorary doctorate. All campus students are diverse today.

Bill Smith said...

Aodh, Really, there is no excuse for these student at a Catholic university.

Aodh P O'Beachain said...

Bill, What planet do uou inhabit. ND does not offer a religious test on students. Nor on faculty. Such selectivity is impossible today.