Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Utah Democrats Support Animals Rights as Top Priority, But OK With Killing Babies in Abortion

Ignoring the plight of human babies in the womb, Utah Democrats hope to make animal rights a top priority in their party platform for 2017.

Utah Policy reports a draft of the state Democratic Party platform puts animal rights on its list of top 10 priorities, along with education, economy, healthcare, climate change and a few other issues.

Unsurprisingly, protections for human babies in the womb do not make it on the list. However, affirming “abortion rights” is listed under women’s rights in priority 15, according to the blog.

The priority list is just a draft. Delegates are scheduled to vote on it in June. But it seems unlikely that unborn babies will be recognized as deserving of protection, given the Democratic Party’s strong allegiance to the abortion industry. . . . Read More

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