Thursday, June 1, 2017

Disgusting: Abortion Clinic Staff Tells Child Incest Victim Not To Go To Police

A new undercover recording exposes abortion staff illegally telling an underage victim of incest not to contact authorities and directing her to Medicaid so she can get a late-term abortion at taxpayer expense.

Abortion Free New Mexico (AFNM) and Priests for Life secretly recorded the May 5 phone conversation of a woman posing as a teenage incest victim 26 weeks along in her pregnancy and Southwestern Women’s Options abortuary. The staff person assures the “girl” that no one needs to know, and informs her that a late-term abortion will cost $7,500. The staffer then refers the girl to Medicaid in order to get an abortion for free.

“New Mexico is the land of unrestricted abortion,” AFNM spokeswoman Tara Shaver told LifeSiteNews. “In addition to having no limitations on abortion, the state lacks the most basic of laws that are intended to protect pregnant minors, many of whom suffer sexual abuse at the hands of older men and even family members.”

“The abortion cartel has no interest in protecting these minors and this latest call proves that,” Shaver summarized. “It is appalling that selling an abortion trumps preventing the continuation of sexual abuse in the life of a young person, but this is the reality of abortion in New Mexico.”

New Mexico law declares incest a third-degree felony, with offenders imprisoned for up to six years. State law also requires mandatory reporting even merely suspected sexual abuse of a minor. The law states that notifying the authorities is mandatory even for a “physician, psychotherapist, and state or nationally licensed mental-health therapist.”

Every abortion provider “has a duty to report possible incest regarding a 16-year old minor seeking an abortion,” AFNM Senior Legal Counsel Angelo Artuso explained in a released statement. “Under the mandatory reporting law, physicians and nurses have a duty to report suspected child abuse ... because incest is included as a separate category of sexual abuse, the ‘age of consent’ and the ‘Romeo and Juliet’ exceptions to statutory rape do NOT apply.”

Fr. Frank Pavone of Priests for Life said covering up incest is par for the course among abortion workers. “This latest undercover call continues to rip the veil off the abortion industry and show our nation what even most ‘pro-choice’ people oppose: late-term abortion of healthy babies, paid for by taxpayers, and conducted by an industry which provides cover for sexual predators.” . . . Read More

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Camille Ellard said...

I am aware of a situation like this. The girls father was the one paying for the abortion, he was the perp. The clinic was worried they would be trouble if they reported it. So, they didn't even though they were mandated reporters. The girl was forced to have the abortion and continued to be victimized. Talk about betrayal...

Kim Coburn Scott said...

They could be charged for not reporting it being the "outcry" receivers.