Thursday, June 1, 2017

Planned Parenthood Chaplain: Lots of Christians Get Secret Abortions, Including Church Staffers

Laura Kasinof does her best to keep pro-lifers – particularly evangelical Christian pro-lifers – from thinking that they are succeeding.

Kasinof uses several personal stories, along with statistics, to show that evangelical Christian women are using Planned Parenthood and aborting their unborn babies, despite the wide-spread opposition to abortion among evangelicals.

Kasinof painted the abortion chain as a savior for these women . . . .

The Rev. Vincent Lachina, a regional chaplain for Planned Parenthood in Hawaii and the northwest, says the abortion chain sometimes even sees church staff come to them for abortions.

“We have many people from evangelical or born-again traditions who come to our health centers all across the United States,” Lachina says. “Some evangelical and fundamentalist church staffers have even been patients.” . . .

Completely missing from Kasinof’s article are the stories of countless evangelical Christian women who have been hurt and deceived by Planned Parenthood, and the millions of women and families who have received help from Christian-run pregnancy centers, maternity homes, hospitals, shelters, adoption agencies, food pantries and churches. Women do have places to turn for support and encouragement when they are pregnant, but Kasinof never mentions them.

Despite all her abortion advocacy, Kasinof does hit on a good point. Women in evangelical, Protestant and Catholic churches across the United States continue to abort their unborn babies, despite all that these Christian groups are doing to prevent abortions.

Abortion activists like Kasinof use this failing to push abortions, but the stories and statistics really should prompt Christians to do more. Christians already are doing a lot to end abortion, but they can do more. . . . Read More

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Michelle Ann Curkendoll Wadsworth said...

They are not secret, GOD knows!

ke7drt‏ said...

No, not one is perfect. But to kill innocent lives...Christians should know what Jesus said about his children. #adoption

Daniel Cevallos said...

If you want to fool God you're the fool.

Michelle Ann Curkendoll Wadsworth said...

They are not secret, GOD knows!