Tuesday, June 13, 2017

UN Official Coming for Your Church . . .

Vitit Muntarbhorn

Austin Ruse, President / C-Fam: There is a new UN office to enforce a radical view of gay rights. It is headed by a man named Vitit Muntarbhorn. He met last week with the UN Human Rights Council and what he told them should frighten anyone with children, any practicing religious believer, and anyone who cares about freedom of religion.

First, he lied. He said his mandate is based on established international law. That is false and he knows it. There is no existing international law that even mentions LGBTs, or “sexual orientation and gender identity.”

But, then he went further. Much further. He talked about how to deal with “the hostile element,” that is, those who may oppose the imposition of radical sexuality on traditional people and reluctant governments and especially the Church. He said there is a primacy of “human rights” over religion!

This gentleman apparently has never read the Universal Declaration of Human Rights which guarantees freedom of religion, which understands RELIGION IS A HUMAN RIGHT!

Practically speaking what this means is that any person who believes what the Bible teaches on human sexuality, any person who believes what the Church teaches on human sexuality, and any Church that teaches Bible-based human sexuality is in violation of human rights and he is coming for them.

And, in the past, this gentleman has also said that he is going to target children for indoctrination!

For good measure, he also called for censorship of the internet to shut down those who may oppose him and his sexual rights agenda. That means he’d like to shut down the Friday Fax and any other outlet he deems “hateful.”

Quite frankly, this kind of outrage would remain completely unknown if not for the Friday Fax, what you receive every Thursday afternoon. My colleague Stefano Gennarini got up at 3 o’clock in the morning to watch this man’s live testimony to the Human Rights Council in Geneva.

That is why George Soros wants to shut us down. This is why the anti-Christian Southern Poverty Law Center put a target on our back. This is why the UN Population Fund threatened us with a lawsuit, why Catholics for Choice, Right Wing Watch and a plethora of leftist groups around the world follow our every move. THEY WOULD LOVE TO SHUT US DOWN BECAUSE WE EXPOSE THEM AND BEAT THEM CONSTANTLY.

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