Wednesday, July 5, 2017

California Euthanized 111 People In Just Six Months

In the first six months after California implemented an assisted suicide law in June 2016, there were 111 reported deaths using a physician’s legal prescription.

Data related to the suicide law, dubbed “The End of Life Option Act,” was released to the public last week. Statistics show 173 doctors in the state wrote 191 lethal prescriptions.

California was the fifth state to legalize suicide for people diagnosed with a terminal illness. The first state to do so was Oregon in the 1990s. The new data reveal that California’s death-by-doctor rate in its first six months was 15 times greater than Oregon’s in its first year.

The majority of California assisted suicides were white, college-educated cancer patients.

If California follows Oregon’s trend, the number of suicides will increase. . . . . Read More

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