Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Feminist Tells Readers Having Children Is the “Worst” Thing for the Planet

It’s been a heck of a day for feminist nonsense. Katie wrote about how Joan Walsh questioned Ivanka Trump’s “girlie” wardrobe, while Reagan relayed Chelsea Handler’s comparing Capitol Hill to Abu Dhabi, thanks to a dress code that has been the norm for a century.

Their idiotic remarks were just surpassed by the stupidest tweet of the day (so far).
. . . . Does Filipovic want us to emulate China, where women are often forced to have abortions or cough up major fines to fall in line with the cruel two-child policy? The one-child policy was enforced until last year, when the government announced it would let families have two children. As many as 7 million abortions were recorded annually, according to China’s Health Ministry.

In the Guardian piece Filipovic tweeted, Environment Editor Damian Carrington cited a study published by Environmental Research Letters. One fewer child, the researchers determined, would save 58.6 tons of CO2 per year. . . . Read More

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Patrick L. Booth said...

There is far too much liberal idocy in the world and way too much of it in our scool system.

Judy Graziano Flynn said...

Oh for Petes sake, I wonder if you should take your own initiative. But no, killing a baby in the womb instead of you taking responsibility for anything is the way you move.

Catholics & Protestants United Against Discrimination said...

She should take her own advice.

Judy Graziano Flynn said...

I was going to say that but my words were a little unworthy.

Mike Klecker said...

Eugenics at it again

What most people don't know is that the world is not over populated
FACT you can take the total population of the earth and put it in an area the size of Florida Georgia Texas and Oklahoma and that every man woman and child would have an area of 1000 square feet of living space to live in
The thing that pro eugenics people like to fool you with is the so called worldwide poverty and so called food shortage as for food the USA if allowed could feed the whole world if politics didn't get in the way and two poverty is due to politics not resources take for example the nations of Haiti and the nation of Dominican Republic they both share the same island one has always been a nation run by dictatorship Haiti and the other Dominican Republic has always been a republic.

So instead of allowing yourself to get caught up with the eugenics crowd step back take a deep breath and ask yourself why is it that all these concerned over population eugenics that are so concerned about over population don't off themselves first to show us the way?