Tuesday, August 1, 2017

UN Radicals Set to Create Global Right to Abortion... 60 Days to Save Millions of Unborn Children...

Austin Ruse, C-Fam: In 60 days, the UN Human Rights Committee may vote to exclude the unborn child from the "right to life" clause in international law.

That's right. The UN may withhold all protection from the unborn child. This will lead to unprecedented global attacks on the defenseless unborn.

Imagine, the defenseless unborn child being cut apart in the womb and then vacuumed out and tossed on the garbage heap. This could become an international right.

But we can stop this if we act now.

In the coming days, C-Fam and the Friday Fax will announce a global campaign to stop this heinous move by UN radicals. We are working in collaboration with other major pro-life groups to defend the unborn child and you are needed now.

Our plans are not yet finalized but they will be global and they will be powerful.


In the meantime, can you help us make this a reality? Will you help us defend the unborn child from these UN radicals?

(Note I use the phrase "UN radicals." I do this because there are many UN pro-lifers who do not want this to happen and it is them we are helping to stop this!).

C-Fam and our partners will announce this campaign within the next two weeks. But we have only 60 days to stop this abomination.  . . . Read More & Pray & Give.

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