Friday, August 4, 2017

Young Abortion Activists Hate Pro-Lifers: “These Dinosaurs Will Eventually Die Out”

Young abortion activists in Australia are demanding that taxpayers be forced to pay the bill for aborting their unborn babies.

The liberal website BuzzFeed recently profiled several of the young activists and their work to promote the killing of unborn babies across Australia. One even went so far as to hope that pro-lifers will “die out” so that women can abort their unborn babies for free and without restriction.

Australian state laws vary on abortion. New South Wales and Queensland prohibit abortions except when there is a danger to a woman’s health, according to ABC. Victoria, Tasmania and the Australian Capital Territory allow abortions up to 9 months, though there are some restrictions for late-term abortions.

But abortion activists want to see these restrictions gone and make every taxpayer in the country pay for women’s abortions.

Anna Groth, a young woman from New South Wales, told BuzzFeed, said she was “disgusted” when her state lawmakers voted against a bill to decriminalize abortion. . . .

Groth does not just want the killing of unborn babies to be legal; she also wants taxpayers to pay for the deadly procedure.

“I am fervently for abortion to be seen as it is, a medical termination of pregnancy…not an item to purchase in the private system,” she said. . . . Read More

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