Monday, September 11, 2017

Abortion Clinic Kills 15 Babies in Free Abortions Given to Hurricane Harvey Victims

At least 15 unborn babies who survived Hurricane Harvey will be slaughtered in abortions this month as part of a free abortions program at the Whole Woman’s Health abortion chain.

The abortion chain told the Texas Tribune this week that 15 women took up its offer for free abortions in the wake of the hurricane. It said six abortions are scheduled for its San Antonio facility and nine more will take place at its Austin location.

Their deaths will add to the 60-plus people who already died from the hurricane. Unfortunately, these unborn babies’ deaths will not be counted among the casualties.

Calling abortion a “service” to Texas women, the abortion chain said it will continue offering free abortions through September to women affected by the hurricane.

Disguised as compassionate, this offer only will add to the suffering and loss that thousands of Texans already are experiencing. The Texas abortion chain, notorious for failed health inspections, will kill unborn babies in abortions and leave their mothers emotionally and possibly physically damaged. . . . Read More

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