Monday, September 18, 2017

She Chose Adoption Instead of Abortion, After Praying for 20 Years She Reunited With Her Son

Evie Lastra West spent her teen years living a rough life as a gang member and drug addict.

She went through two teenage pregnancies and almost aborted her second child. But while making an adoption plan for her son, West completely changed her life around.

Now, she is a pro-life advocate who speaks across the country about her difficult past. Later this month, West will be the keynote speaker at the Options Pregnancy Center banquet in Alpena, Michigan, according to The Alpena News.

As a young teenager, West joined a gang in her home town of Orange County, California. The Daily Advance reports she spent a lot of her time partying with the gang and getting high on drugs.

When she was 16, she became pregnant and gave birth to her oldest son. She said she basically left her son to her parents’ care.

“For the first two years of my son’s life I wasn’t around,” West said. “I was literally sucking the life out of my parents.”

Eventually, she said her parents packed up her bags and told her that she had to leave. They enrolled her in a Christian college in Cleveland, Tennessee called Lee University; and, knowing no other option, West went.

She said her son, who was 2 years old at the time, went with her.

“My son became the campus baby,” West said. “He got lots of attention, everybody wanted to play with him, and I liked that. Things were starting to go well for me.” . . . Read More

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